What Is White Hat SEO And Black Hat SEO

White hat SEO
White hat SEO

What Is The Function Of White Hat Seo And What Is The Procedure Of Black Hat Seo?

What Is White Hat SEO?

The method that is followed is to SEO a website by following Google’s approach without following any illegal method in the presence of people. In this way, a website can be brought to the forefront of search engines through tireless work. If you make a website white hat SEO, you can get lifelong benefits from it. If you put a website in Google’s search engine all your life, there is no alternative to white hat SEO.

What Is White Hat Seo Technique?

  • Quality Content
  • Proper Keyword Optimization
  • Internal Linking
  • website loading Speed
  • Quality Backlink/link Building
  • Mobile-Friendly Website

What Is Quality Content?

After seeing a website, content plays the best role in bringing Google in the first place in the search engine. Content is King. The reason content is King is that you have to write content that everyone will like. Because with good content, a web page can easily get rank from Google. Google always searches for good content.

What Is Proper Keyword Optimization?

Before writing an article, you should think once and for all about how important the content I am writing is and how effective it will be. We have to keep an eye on the main topics in every content writing. For example, in the case of Proper Keyword Optimization, a website can be ranked first in search engines.

What the traffic wants from Google is inside the content. With White Hat SEO, we get better ranking services from Google. We need to have a target keyword in each article. For example, What Is White Hat SEO And Black Hat SEO.


What Is Internal Linking?

Internal Linking is a very important part of on-page Seo optimization. The key to a strong internal linking is to help a webpage get a good quality rank from Google. In this process, if we have a blog on a topic that we write a link to, then we can give that blog article as a link. Through this, our articles get link juice from other articles and the ranking in Google is good.


What Is website loading Speed?

Website loading speed plays a very important role in getting a website ranked. If the website loading speed of a website is low then Google does not count it, so it is difficult to get a good ranking from Google even after doing good quality SEO. Google always focuses on website loading speed. For this, we have to pay some attention to the website loading speed.

What Is Quality Backlink/link Building?

In the case of white hat SEO Quality, Backlink / Link Building these two things play a big role. When you get backlinks from other websites about your website, your website will gradually get ranked from Google. Seo optimization technique but can be done in two ways with black hat & white hat. If you backlink your website without paying according to Google’s truth, then we can catch it as a White Hat backlink.

What Is Mobile-Friendly Website?

Google search engine is now giving a lot of value to Mobile-Friendly Website. Before creating a website for this, you need to see if the website has a mobile version. When a website is opened on a mobile phone, it is opened as the screen size of the mobile. For this, you need to use a Responsive Theme on this website.

What Is Black Hat SEO?

Black hat SEO is after creating a website. The purpose of using such an SEO technique is to improve the ranking of a web page, website, or blog to Google in a few days. To put it bluntly, the process is used to get top ranking in Google’s search engine. This process focuses only on search engines, not any type of content.

In order to get a high amount of traffic to a website in less time than the search engine, what kind of search engine rules and regulations are followed? This process may lead to the first search engine in a short time, but within a few days, the bad side of the black hat SEO came to light.

Google always tries to give users the right answers, relevant and clear ideas. For this reason, the Google search engine, with the help of its high-quality algorithm, always finds the black hat SEO website and removes it.

And for this there are google panda, google penguin, smallseotools, duplichecker, and other advanced algorithms whose job is to find and penalize the website using spam SEO techniques.

What Is Black Hat Seo Technique?

  • Irrelevant Backlink
  • Unrelated meta description
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Duplicate content
  • Doorway pages
  • Link Farming
  • Invisible Keywords

What Is Irrelevant Backlink?

We all know how important backlinks play in getting a website ranked in search engines. In this case, there are many people who backlink their websites to get a good ranking from search engines. These types of spam backlinks are bought in bulk, along with paid backlinks. Lots of these backlinks seem to be irrelevant outside the topic of the Sanga website.

What Is Unrelated meta description?

After writing any article or content, we give a short description of what the description of the web page is being written about. I often use targeted keywords or unrelated keywords with this description so that I can get a ranking from search engines. It is important to use targeted keywords in meta descriptions but use the same keywords repeatedly or use irrelevant keywords later in the spam Technique.

What Is Keyword Stuffing?

Keyword Stuffing is a method of trying to get inappropriate search engine traffic using the same keyword over and over again in a webpage, also called a type of search engine optimization technique. Repeated use of a keyword creates a bad user experience.

What Is Duplicate content?

It is often seen that those who have opened new bloggers or webpages steal articles or content from other blogs or webpages in their own name. Google easily catches people who copy someone else’s content and run it in their own name, resulting in that content copy losing ranking in the future.

What Are Doorway Pages?

Doorway pages are webpage that is fake. A user cannot view this type of page, but search engine spiders can. This type of page is created by manipulating the search engine’s index for a particular keyword to get rankings.


What Is Link Farming?

By creating a new website for link farming, an attempt is made to increase the SEO ranking by creating a lot of links or hyperlinks for the old website. A linked frame is a website that is intended to link to another website.

What Are Invisible Keywords?

Invisible keywords mean that the more keywords or keyword phrases are used in an article, content, or post, the more likely your website is to be ranked within the (SERP). This is often done by using keywords in the article to mix it with the background color to keep it invisible.


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