Unhealthy food and try to avoid these

Unhealthy food
Unhealthy food

Unhealthy food

Unhealthy food = Let’s talk about some of the foods we eat all the time. We don’t even think about how bad these foods can be for our bodies. Eating these foods completely destroys our immune system and weakens the body.


The most horrible of these foods is sugar. It may be very difficult to find someone who does not eat sugar. It can be seen that most of the diabetic patients are suffering from corona conditions and their condition is getting worse. If quake jesting is accompanied by any disease. We already know that diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease is one of the causes of sugar. As a result of eating this sugar, fat is accumulating in our blood. Our liver fat is accumulating and our blood pressure is rising. Fat accumulates inside the blood vessels and fat also accumulates inside the hard. Diabetes is said to be the helper of many diseases.

Diabetes means blood sugar, having blood sugar means your body’s immune system will not be good. One thing that can be called diabetes is beetle. That is, it causes the body to decay. Since we are sitting at home during this corona, we are more miserable at this time. So in this situation, sugar cravings are formed in our body, which makes us want to eat sugary foods. We may even eat fried sweets without our consent. Because this time he prefers to eat sweet national food. Our body releases stress hormones due to tension. This hormone brings the sugar into the body and increases insulin, which in turn increases digestion. In addition, we increase the desire for sweet national salt.

The main problem with eating sugar is a nutritional imbalance. We have bacteria, viruses, and fungi in our bodies. Viruses are the lowest class. If there are good bacteria, the viruses cannot take your upper hand. Weight loss will be followed by them. The main function of WBC is to kill the bad bacteria. Killing the bad bacteria can make good bacteria grow properly. When good bacteria are reduced, the white blood cells in our body do not work well. Because the body is often suppressed by eating sugary foods. Then the bad bacteria become stronger.

Artificial Color of Food

These are the artificial colors of food that are very small. It’s so tiny that our body’s immune system can’t catch this artificial color. At this point, it enters the body and disorganizes the immune system. This artificial color can be called poison in simple language. Let’s think a little, why we should eat this poison!! Now almost all foods are color-coded, although they are said to be food grade. I call them food-grade and whatever I say, they are chemical. This chemical is not good for the body in any way. So we have to give up any artificial food, food kept in polythene, food wrapped in plastic, chocolate cake, chocolate milk, etc. Even packaged meats and abnormally grown cows and goats should be avoided. This means that the meat of animals fed other than organic food should be avoided.

Oil –

The first thing we need to fix is oil. These oils are inflammatory. This inflammation is not good for our bodies. This inflammation works against our body’s immune system. So eating these inflammatory foods can cause various diseases due to the deterioration of our immune system. We all know fat is bad, we are trying to stay away from fat. But these bad oils store our body fat. This waste oil helps us increase our weight. For this, we need to eat good oils that are not processed in high heat. Such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Pure Mustard Oil, etc. After all, we must refrain from genetically modified foods.

We want everyone to stay healthy. But there are so many unhealthy foods around us that we sometimes eat them even if we don’t want to. But if we are all aware, we can prevent it. First of all, we have to be aware of it. please avoid these unhealthy food. So we become aware of ourselves and help others to become aware.



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