Tree Plantation composition

Tree Plantation
Tree Plantation composition

Tree plantation

Tree Plantation: From the beginning of civilization man has a close relation with nature. Nature is one of my best friends. Nature helps us in many ways. Similarly, trees are closely related to our life. They are best friends. Trees are very important part of our life and economy.

Bangladesh is a developing country. Our environment is suitable for tree plantation. Upper lands are the best place for tree plantation. See beaches and lower lands are not perfect for tree plantation. There are many roads and highway in our country. We can plant the tree beside them. We plant trees beside our house and we plant trees in unused places and open fields.

June and July are the right time for tree plantation. The tree plantation program should be started from one corner to another corner of our country. Our government should take proper steps to control it. The government should give a young tree among the people. Our government should make it popular all over the country. Most of our village people are illiterate. They have enough knowledge about the importance of tree plantation. We should make awareness among the people.

The tree is our best friend. They give us food and vitamins. We get various kinds of fruits from trees. They also give us different tests of fruits. We can keep our body strong by taking this valuable food. We can get foreign money by selling this food. Trees give us firewood. It is very important for our cooking.

Trees are the best company in our daily life. We cannot think of our life without a tree. Trees give us the most valuable oxygen. Again we use them for various purposes. We cannot think out home and house without trees. We can make our furniture, window, door, etc. by trees. Sometimes we can earn foreign money by selling beautiful furniture.

Trees have a great impact on the climate. If we destroy our trees, we have to face a great problem in the future. It will be a great loss for our country and the world. There will be no rain, so our agriculture will be destroyed because our economy depends on agriculture. Trees keep our soil strong. So trees save us from floods and many other natural calamities.

Important of trees are great. It is not possible to describe the importance of a short write. Trees are a very important part and parcel in our daily life. We cannot think of our existence without them. Rabindranath said,” back thy forest, take your town.” Our government is trying to plant the tree more and more. We should not destroy our trees randomly. Trees can make our life more comfortable.



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