SEO ? How does it work ?

What is SEO
What is SEO


If you want to know SEO, you need to know what search engine is. The website or program through which we get our desired information is called search engine. There are many search engines out there today that help you find information. They are Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Google is the best search engine. The full form of SEO is search engine optimization. We can reach the desired website with the help of Google to find any information. When we search Google for any information, it suggests 10 websites on the first page of Google, where there is desired, there are many more websites where there is desired information which can be found on the second page, third page or more later. Here is a question why Google placed the first 10 websites in the crowd of thousands of websites.

Has the owner of these 10 websites done such a thing? That’s why Google ranks it among the top 10 on its first page. Yes, it is for the benefit of SEO. This means that the techniques used to place the website on the first page of Google are SEO.

Reasons to SEO –

Suppose you want to know about the US presidential election. You did a Google search for the American president election. You will see many websites where you can get your information. The third page on the second page will thus come many more websites where you can get your information. Now the question is which one will you click on? Of course you enter first one or two website. If too much, you can see the first page websites. In the meantime you will get your information. You must not go to the second or third page of Google Suggest. So we can say that the website which is on the first page of Google will get more visitors and the income of the website depends on the visitors.

How does a search engine work?

When a website or information is placed on the Internet, search engines examine it and put it in Google’s database. When we do some search, the search engine robot brings them from their database based on that search.

The importance of SEO in marketing.

SEO is very important for marketing for many reasons. Below are some important reasons.

  • Most of the visitors of any website come from search engines.
  • Most of them do not know where their desired information is available. So the help of search engines must be taken
  • Search engine can be used for free so it is used more.
  • Search is a huge source of information. People’s interest in it is constantly increasing.
  • With the trend of searching for information with the help of search engines, all companies want to put their company’s website at the top of Google search in promoting their products.
  • SEO is relatively low cost which is more effective than other methods of promotion.


We are becoming more and more dependent on online. A report shows that 4.6 billion people use the Internet. When so many people use the internet, they must search for their information in search engines Of course, you also want your website or company to be on the first page of Google.




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