A Rainy Day And A Street Beggar

A Rainy Day paragraph
A Rainy Day paragraph

Rainy day

Rainy day is the day of nonstop rainfall. The sky is covered with clouds. Sometimes the sky cannot be seen. Sometimes it so happy that man cannot go out without an umbrella. Sometimes roads go underwater. Village people fall in danger because roads become unusable. Poor people cannot go out. So they cannot get any work. They have to lead a bad day without any money. Students cannot go to school. Roads become muddy and slippery. Animals cannot go out on a rainy day. People feel bore because they have to pass a day without any work. They pass the day by gossiping, playing Indoor Game singing songs, hearing music.

Children pass the day by singing, dancing, gossiping, etc. Rich man enjoys the day very much. Most of them make khichri, in this time a cup of tea or coffee makes it more enjoyable. Some fell enjoy playing in the rain. Lite food is more preferable at this time. Village boys and girls play different types of games in this raining time. They can eat delicious food. Fishermen go out for fishing. They catch many kinds of fish. A rainy day is pleasant for someone and it is sorrow for someone. Overall a rainy day is beautiful. Maximum people like it and it also helpful for our agriculture.



A street beggar

Who begs to others is called a street beggar. He is seen everywhere on the street. Every developing and undeveloped country has this types of beggars. Developed countries remove beggars and give them work. But as a developing country, our government is not able to remove beggar from the country. Normally he moves mainly to the bus stand, railway station, in front of the market. He begs sitting or standing. Generally, he looks dirty. He wears a dirty shirt or clothes. Bad smell comes from his clothes. Basically a street beggar begs alone. But sometimes he begs with the company. A street beggar may be blind, unable to walk, or lame. A street beggar has a bag hanging on his arm. He collects money and put the money in his bag.

When a person walks beside him, he starts to beg. Sometimes he gets money and sometimes not. He read some sentences from the Holy Quran or the Kalema. Sometimes he begs with a loud shout. A street beggar prays for the person who gives money. Generally, a street beggar leads a hard life. He does not get proper treatment. But sometimes he earns enough money. When he gets money become happy. Always he tries more and more to get money. He never gives up his hope. He gets up early in the morning and starts begging and begs all day long. A street beggar hardly enjoys his life with others. Everyone neglects a beggar. The government should take some proper steps for them. If the government can make them work for any place our economy can get some help.


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