Newspaper Composition, Television composition 

Newspaper Composition, Television composition
Newspaper Composition, Television composition

Newspaper Composition

Newspaper Composition: We live in a modern age. Modern science has invented many kinds of inventions. Most of the inventions make comfort for our life. A newspaper is one of them. It is a paper that carried the news. It carries national and international news. Every country has different types of newspapers. Every morning we wait eagerly for a newspaper. We cannot think of our morning without a newspaper. Now it become a part and parcel of our present daily life. A newspaper becomes the most important part of our life.

A newspaper was first published in England during the time of Queen Elizabeth. The Indian Gazette was the first newspaper in Bangladesh. The newspaper was published in 1774. The first pure bangle newspaper was Samachar Darpan. It was first published by Christian missionary.

There are many kinds of newspapers in Bangladesh. They are daily. Biweeklies, weeklies, monthlies, quarterlies. The daily newspaper contains daily news of our world. Some newspaper publisher stories, magazines, and novels. Some newspaper publishes literary articles. There are some English newspapers in our country. They are a daily star, Inqilabs, Ittefaq, the observer and Bangle times, etc.

Global distance has been removed. The world becomes smaller. We can get any news in the newspaper. It serves us by publishing different kinds of news. We can get sports news, culture, literature, game, and sports, etc. through it.

Sometime mews paper publishes fake news. It is very harmful to everyone. Sometimes fake news creates conflict among people.

Without any doubt, newspapers are very useful to us. Without a newspaper, we cannot think our normal life

Note: For every class student this Newspaper Composition is most important for every exam. You have to memorize it. For class seven eight, nine, and ten students can read this composition. But for class five and six students, it may long. No problem we can get a small version of this composition on this website on class five and six categories.

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Television is the most important invention ever. It is a popular medium of communication. We can see any picture and sound through it. We can see the news within a moment from any corner of the world.

Television invented john’s bayard. He is an English scientist. John invented it in 1925. Nowadays its more comfortable to carry and use than the past. Television is very easy to use. And its cost is very low. Nowadays almost every house or family has a television.

At first, it can publish only black and white color then scientists invented color in the 1950s.

The word Tele means distance and vision means sight. Television means the process of seeing distant objects. It receives signals, photos, and sound. Than it telecast from the television station, it needs a radio-telephone system.

Television is very popular with all classes of people. Especially children like it most for cartoons. It is the most popular media for mass communication. People can enjoy cinema, drama, novels, songs and many kinds of program on it. We can also know the news about sports, share market and business news. We see and hear any recent news from any corner of the world.

A popular company can make advertise its product through it. Government news and information can send easily to the people through. And it takes a very short time. Television arrive in Bangladesh in 1964. From 1980 Bangladesh telecast colorful program.

It has some bad sides too. Sometimes children become addicted to enjoying TV programs. It damages their education and valuable time. Sometimes it telecast a harmful program. The program affects their moral life. The government should take steps against that harmful program.

Although it has some bad effects, we should use it properly and the right way. It now becomes a friend of our daily life.


Important note:

Television is now one of the most important instruments that we cannot our daily life think without it. Using it student gets their important educational news. Businessmen can get important news of the present business situation. Totally it makes our world just like a village. We can know everything about the world by sitting in the corner.


  1. Thinking about the growing up generation is highly appreciated. I especially clap you for this outstanding presentation.


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