How to make money on fiverr

How to make money on fiverr
How to make money on fiverr

How to make money on fiverr

How to make money on fiverr – If you want to use your skills worldwide in addition to a job or business, welcome to this post. Those who want to work at home of the world, they must be motivated to earn through fiverr. You can be anywhere in the world while working on fiverr. You can do your work independently at any time. Ensuring enough money to work on fiverr. You will get a minimum of 5 dollar for each job on fiverr. Some take thousands of dollars for each of their jobs. Skilled freelancers can use their skills to earn more than the desired goal.

fiverr is a great way to earn some extra cash beside your job or business . Here we will look at how to start working on fiverr, how to get buyers, how to make gigs, which jobs are more available and how to earn money. We will look at everything from the beginning of fiverr to the withdrawal of money.

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At a glance our agenda

  • What is fiverr?
  • How does it work?
  • Starting process ?
  • How much does fiverr cost?
  • How to make money on fiverr?
  • The way to increase sales on fiverr?

What is fiverr ?

fiverr is one of the most popular and simple freelancing marketplaces. Simply put, fiverr is an online platform that provides a variety of jobs and small or large jobs. Here one can find such a job and at the same time he can get his work done from any other freelancers. It was established in 2010. Millions of freelancers have made their gig here. If you want to find here, web designer, web developer, lower etc.

Gigs are made on the basis of efficiency in fiverr. The minimum price for each job is 5 dollar. This is basically the basis. You get a lot of gigs that cost demand thousand dollars for every Works. The contract between the buyer and the seller is based on the value of the work and the work fiverr deducts 20% commission as an intermediary. Being highly credible, fiverr has become a place of trust for both buyers and sellers. Among other things, it has become so popular to work freely.

How does fiverr work?

If you are talented in any particular task. Which is can fill up other want then you could use your talents here.

Suppose you are good at writing. You like to write about different things independently. You can create a gig here as an article writer. Interested seller can earn enough through contract based work. Because it is relatively easy to get a job in fiverr. If you want to get a job in fiverr, you must know about fiverr work.


If you want to express yourself as a seller, you can build a gig based on your skills. If necessary, the buyer can apply in the first instance. Any buyer can see your gig again and make a deal with you.


Anyone can get their work done by others. In this case he will be the buyer and he who will do the work will be the seller. You can express exactly what you want to do through fiverr. Many vendor freelancers will be interested to see your notification here and will be able to work with one of them. There are other ways you can find someone you like. If you search for your work on fiverr, you will find many gigs related to that. You can contact someone who is qualified to be there. If the seller agrees with you, you can make a work contract.

Suppose you want an article. Do article search on fiverr, you will find many gigs. You can make a work contract with someone from there.

fiverr can find both buyers and sellers, and can contract for specific work. Just as a buyer can find a seller of his choice, a seller can also contract with a buyer of his choice. The contract must include a brief description of the work, the time of work, and the value of the work.

I hope you understand how fiverr works.

The process of starting work on fiverr

fiverr is undoubtedly one of the best marketplaces. Like all other marketplaces, there are some processes to get started here. If you complete the process in the right way, if you are talented and efficient, it is much easier to better here.

  • Sign up for new account
  • Create seller profile
  • Build up gig
  • Buyer request.

Sign up for new account

Registration is the first step for working on fiverr. You can register via an email that has not been used before. Here you will give your identity and all the necessary information. fiverr will send a confirmation mail to your email. You have to activate fiverr account through email account. If you activate the account, your registration process will be completed after registration you can act as buyer or seller or both.

Create seller profile

How you progress on fiverr largely depends on your profile. So the profile is mentioned as a very important issue. Your profile will reveal how you are as a person and what you are good at. A buyer needs to look at your profile before signing a contract with you. If the first visit is not good, the buyer will not go into agreement with you. So the profile must be neat and interesting.

Build up gig

The important thing after creating a profile is to present the details of your qualifications. It is important to create a separate gig with details of each qualification or skill. Each gig will contain a full description of what services you will provide, how much it will cost, and how much it will cost. Gig shows your qualifications just as the profile shows you. So the more beautifully you make your gig, the more interested the buyer will be in you.

Buyer request.

It is basically more beneficial for newcomers. There are many buyers who post according to their needs. There is a brief description of the work, how much money you want to spend, how much time to give everything is mentioned. This post usually appeals more to those who have not been able to level up their gigs. Buyer request is an easy and less labor intensive way for them to get a job. A seller can contact the buyer directly. The buyer gets the benefit in this case. He can appoint anyone he think fit for his job.

fiverr Commission fee

There is no charge for fiverr account creation and registration. Here as a buyer you can watch all the gigs for free. If you want to hire someone, you have to pay a certain commission to fiverr. For less than 40 dollar, a buyer will have to pay 2 dollar for each job. If the contract is for more than 40 dollar, 5% of the total amount will be deducted from the fiverr.

Example – If a buyer pays 40 dollar to write an article, fiverr deducts commission 2 dollar. And if the contract is for 60 dollar, you will have to pay a commission of 3 dollar, equal to 5% of the 60.

Again, as a seller, when you contract for a job, and after the work is done, you will be deducted 20% of the total contract amount as a fiverr commission.

Example: If a seller does a job for 50 dollar, the fiverr will deduct 10 dollar as commission and the seller will get 40 dollar.

How to make money on fiverr

Top job categories

A salesman can make a gig that will be by mentioning the details of his qualifications and skills as he wishes. But there are some of the best quality work that are known to be much more popular and more expensive. Below is an overview of the best work from 200 different types of work

  • Web developer
  • Web design
  • Writing
  • Social media marketing
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Voice over

Web developer

Web developer get the highest pay for his work. Thousands of vendors who have made their gigs on fiverr. Freelancers are more interested as the remuneration is comparatively higher.

Payment –100- 2000 dollar

Web design

fiverr has the highest demand for web design. If you are good at graphics design, logo design, etc., then fiverr is relatively easy to succeed. A amount of money is provided to the workers in this regard.

Payment –10- 1000 dollar


This is for you if you want to establish yourself as a writer. There is no shortage of work if you can make a gig here after completion. There are so many websites in the world where a lot of articles are posted. So many potential jobs are article writing.

Payment -15- 100 dollar

Social media marketing

Work on this subject is increasing day by day. Businessman took various step to increase their publicity for which they appoint skilled manpower. You can make gigs as a seller if you are proficient. Buyers hire people to run their social media to run their campaigns.

Payment –50- 2000 dollar

Voice over

One of the most popular works is voice over. The more experienced you are, the more demand there is for this job. For this type of league you need a clear and fluent voice. There is a lot of development in this work and there are a lot of offers for this work. Here one can use American English or British English or any language. Both boys and girls can make a good career here.

Payment –10-500 dollar

Virtual Assistant

If you are good at manipulating the organization, you can take it as a good alternative to earning. There is a lot of work to be done on fiverr. You can manage your work from anywhere, to work on data entry, schedule manager, receptionist, etc.

Payment -15-1000 dollar

How to increase more sales on fiverr

  • Have a good profile
  • Use SEO
  • Use fiverr app for mobile
  • Work for 5 star review

fiverr is one of the major marketplaces among all the marketplaces. Here anyone can work with someone else or work for someone else as a salesman himself. The competition here is much higher if you are a seller. So you have to follow some rules. If you can complete all the rules, your sales will increase. Basically what your sales will look like depends on a few factors. Here is a brief description of some of the ways that will help you increase your sales.

Have a good profile

The profile is the expression of your personality or how you are as a person. So buyer attract to the view of your profile. You can create and upload a video with a very nice smile mentioning your qualifications. The video should present a few words about you. Your future sales depend largely on the profile.


It is not easy to bring your position on the first page among thousands of gigs. It will be more difficult if the gigs are not SEO friendly. Gig can be brought to the attention of the buyer through proper SEO. It is important to mention in a few places the topic on which you will create the gig or the keyword you will use. The title must contain the keyword. The image used in the gig also needs to be posted by SEO. Note the information in the title, subject, and tag rating in the details of the photo. By doing those things, it is possible to bring Gig to the first page.

Use fiverr app for mobile

It is very important to be active all the time to get a job in fiverr or to sell your best. The more active the fiverr, the more priority it will have on the first page. But it is difficult to sit in front of the computer all the time. Since we use smart phones, it is possible to stay active on fiverr by keeping the fiverr app on the phone. If a buyer gives a message, it is possible to reply quickly. It is important to reply to the message quickly to get the job done. If a buyer gives you a message and you are late in replying, that buyer will work with someone else.

Work for 5 star rating

At the end of your work the buyer provides a mark based on your work. Shows reviews from buyers on your profile. So if you get 5 star, it will attract other buyers to you. The more 5 stars you get, the more work you will get.

Ways to get 5 star

  • Beautiful communication
  • Provide successful and best work
  • Provide work at the right time
  • Friendship is cheap behavior

If you can do that, buyers must pay 5 stars reviews, which will increase your sales many times over.

To know more about how to make money on fiverr please follow our site regularly.


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