Bad effect of losing playground

Bad effect of losing playground
Bad effect of losing playground

Bad effect of losing playground

Bad effect of losing playground= Bangladesh is a small country. In the past, we can see our previous generation play physical games because they have enough playgrounds. But now our children have enough playgrounds. This problem is more serious in cities. But now village children are losing their playgrounds for developing a new building. Without taking proper and effective plans, this is now going to become one of the great problems in the future. We are using children’s playgrounds to develop new market buildings and houses. As a result, they are losing their playground. Some bad effect of losing playground is given bellow

Effect on their body

we all know that physical game is a must to build up a good body. The physical games make our bone strength and help to grow rapidly. If a person always sits in the idle he must be a week. Many diseases can easily attack him. But if he plays physical game diseases cannot attack him easily.
Bad effect on mind= this problem is not only made an effect on body is also effective on our mind. Scientists and doctors say that to make strong mind children have to play a physical game. It sharps their mind and helps to learn how to use it. Physically active children are faster than inactive children in their every work. If they can take part in a physical game their future will be easier. If children sit idle always he may be mentally sick. So physically inactive children’s brain is not so strong and fast.

Learn from childhood

Children are learning from their childhood. Academic education is not enough for learning. Some most important topics cannot be possible to learn from academic books. To make this type of learning they have to take part in-game. Because physical game teach us some important topics. It teaches me how to run a group. Normally a physical game like cricket football and much other game is played group Wise. So they have to play together and one leader has to lead the team. They can also learn how to make a plan. To play the game is need a proper plan and here they can learn how to make a plan. They can also learn how to make quick decisions. In the game, time is very important so they have to make their decision very fast.

Bad effect on social relations

as human beings, we have to make social relations. From childhood, it is growing. So the children are more effective in social relations who play a game like football, cricket. If a child doesn’t play with others he cannot learn how to make and run social relations with their neighbor.

What can we do

it’s really hard to find out a way to save our child. We should aware of our children. The government can select someplace for every village for the children. Our parent is also aware of our child. If every community area people try to select a place for their children then it will be the actual result. We have to remember today’s children is the future leader. So we have to sacrifice our small business for their bright future.


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