Load shedding Paragraph

Load shedding Paragraph
Load shedding paragraph

Load shedding Paragraph

Load shedding means the disconnection of electricity. Now-a-days it become one of the great problem in our country. Village people are affected by the problem mostly. It happened mainly for the lack of electricity. It creates a great problem for a country in her soci-economic development. House, mills, factories, industries, shops, hospitals are victim to it. In the time of load shedding, factory mills and industries stop their work. It is a great loss for the country. Load shedding creates most problem in hospitals. Most operation stopped for the load shedding. Sometime patient died for the break of operation. Another big problem for the students. It makes more problem in the day before of their exam. Housewives fails in darkness in their kitchen. Most of the people keep their food in refrigerator. But refrigerator cannot work without electricity. The preserved food in the cold storages get spoiled. The effect of load shedding in irreparable loss to a country. Our government should take necessary steps to control the it. We should also make awareness among the people. We also be aware of using electricity.

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In this modern age our all work depend on electricity. Such as washing machine for cleaning our cloth, watching tv for news, rice cooker for cooking, cleaning machine for cleaning our house. In the time of electricity problem our factory face a great loss. Industries loss is not only their loss but also our country’s loss. Now our student study through internet and computer. So it creates a big problem for the students. Manu outside investor don’t want invest to our industry because of huge it.


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