How to sleep

How to sleep
How to sleep

How to sleep : There are many of us who can’t sleep well and try to sleep early but can’t sleep early. Here we will discuss some easy ways


Before that, find out what are the benefits of proper sleep

  • Peace of mind
  • The brain is released from toxic
  • Helps the body digest unwanted fats
  • Assistance of Muscle Building
  • give refreshment to the brain.


Since every task depends on the habit, sleeping cannot be outside the habit. There are some rules to follow.


A) Get regular sleep habits at the right time-

There are many people who go to bed late. I don’t fall asleep early. They will suffer for the first two or three days, but once they get used to it, they will be free from sleep problems. You have to fall asleep at 10 o’clock at night. Although sleep will not come, I have to lie down as if I am lying dead. You have to keep your mind fixed in one place. Breathe in and out slowly. Breathe as if your stomach is swollen while taking a sip. Close your eyes and keep counting from 1000 in the opposite direction.

You will see that sleep will come soon. If sleep does not come, the body will still feel relaxed. You must get out of bed at 5 o’clock in the morning. And start the normal activities of the day. Go to bed again at the same time the next day and get out of bed at 5am and read. Follow the rules like this for 2-3 days, even if it is difficult at first, you will get used to it in a few days and you will get rid of sleep problems.


B) Delta level dip sleep-

This method has some requirements. Give it to us if we wake up in the morning and can recognize our body. Give it to the body when the light of day touches the skin. During this time the body releases various hormones, which help us to work. If we look at the open sky in the morning, the body recognizes it and it is time to work. Thus at night the body releases some hormones that help us sleep. So the body needs to keep these circles normal.


C) Avoid blue light at night

Blue sky and daylight are the indicators of the day. As night begins to fall around and daylight decreases, the amount of mandolin in our body increases. The longer the night, the more the amount of mandolin increases. The light of mobile, computer and television is blue light. These fall blue light on the body. Then the body cannot automatically determine whether it is day or night. So the body cannot prepare for sleeping. The body does not release mendalen, so sleep is delayed. So you must refrain from using them at night. However, if you need too much, you need to keep the eye protection system on and use eye protection glasses.


D) Reduce anxiety and take exercise –

There is no substitute for exercise to keep the body healthy. Similarly, good sleep requires proper exercise. Exercise should be easy and relaxed, such as taking long deep breaths so that the abdomen swells and without breathing slowly. It will bring peace of mind which is helpful for sleep. You can move your hands and feet slowly. You can do some simple exercises. However, no difficult exercise can be done. This can be counterproductive. The most beneficial yoga or meditation.

Remember, sleep does not come without peace of mind. Again, peace of mind does not come without sleep. And the one that enhances the similarity between the two is physical exercise.


E) Avoid caffeine –

Those who have trouble sleeping after drinking tea or coffee must abstain from tea and coffee in the evening. Practice eating fruit instead of tea or coffee.


F) Hot shower before going to bed You can take a bath in warm water before going to bed. This will relax the body which will help sleep.


G) Practice reading books –

Practice reading books while sleeping. We are currently moving away from books. Although we are reading some story novels on my mobile or computer. This is causing more sleep disturbances. So if you can read hard books while sleeping, then sleep will be better.


You can also follow some more instructions. Which is conducive to good sleep

    # The house must be kept dark while sleeping.

    # There can be no noise in the bedroom.

    # Can’t stay in a mobile or computer room.

    # Wi-Fi cannot be in the room.

    # The bed must be comfortable.

    # Eating healthy.


Remember, just as the tide depends on the moon, so does our normal well-being depend on our proper sleep. We must not forget that no one gets good results by going beyond the normal rules.


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