Story of Hare and tortoise and Devotion to mother

Stroy of hare and tortoise and devotion to mother

Story of hare and tortoise

Story of hare and tortoise: Long ago there lives a hare and a tortoise in a same forest. He was always proud of his speed. The tortoise moved slowly. The hare always teased the tortoise because of his slow speed. One day the tortoise made a plan. He told the hare to make a race. The hare laughed hearing the news. The hare accepted the proposal. The fixed a date for the competition. The hare inviteway to defeat the tortoise and he failed. The tortoise was very happy to become the first. The hare felt ashamed of his tall talk.

d all animals of the forest. They fixed a final line for win. The race started at time. At first the hare was running very fast. and soon left the tortoise for behind. the hare could not see the tortoise. The hare smiled and thought he should take some rest. The hare said himself, “I have almost finished the finishing line. So the hare laid down and went to sleep. But the tortoise did not take any rest. He ran slowly continuously. On the way he found the hare sleeping. And silently he went away. While the hare was sleeping the tortoise almost finished the finishing line. After a long time the hare woke up suddenly. But it was very late. The hare started running very fast. But the tortoise already finished the line. the hare had no way to win and he failed. The tortoise was very happy to become the first. The hare felt ashamed of his tall talk.


Story of devotion to mother

Once upon a time there was a boy. He lived with his mother. His name was Bayazid. His mother was ill. One night his mother called him to get a glass of water. But there was no water in the room. There was water fall in the last of there village. So he went to go a long distance for water. He came back with a jar of water. He came back very fast but he noticed that his mother was sleeping. Bayazid did not want ton disturb his mother. So he did not wake her. He stood still mothers bed keeping a glass of water in his hand. Mother was in deep sleep. After along time mother woke up and she saw that his son was standing beside her. She saw the glass o in his hand. She wondered for the moment. Then she could remember the last night. She could not control her tears. She embraced her son with deep love and blessed form her heart.


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