Gray Hat SEO Techniques – Bad & Good Impact Of Gray Hat SEO

Gray Hat SEO Techniques

Gray Hat SEO Techniques & Gray Hat SEO Services

Gray hat SEO techniques & Gray Hat SEO Services are the most powerful technique For SEO Services. Gray hat SEO is a topic particular topic of white hat SEO and Black hat SEO. It’s doing adjusting two of the Black hat and white hat SEO.  But Gray hat SEO techniques are some risk and low power of white hat SEO.

Gray hat SEO Techniques

Best 10 tactics of Gray Hat SEO. Bellow description is given.


Gray hat SEO techniques are one of the most popular methods. Buying expired domains that Google has already powerful ranked as having high-quality domain authority. The ranking for the older domain will make sure to stay constant. It’s beneficial if you can also do some simple Gray hat SEO work on the purchased domain to make sure to stay constant and website rank.


It is important for your business to have every social media account, through which you can share links to your website to get a better rank in search engines. And this includes White Hat SEO. But if you create an extra amount or artificial social media account and share the link to your website in it, it will go inside Gray Hat SEO. And Gray Hat SEO can be a bit risky for your website


It is very important to have a comments section in your web blog posts, if you do not already have it on your website then you add it. This allows your visitors to read your web blog and share their comments. Search your website for positive comments Good rank will come in the engine.

And if someone makes a bad comment, there is no harm, because that visitor has read your blog which will make search engines think that people comment on your blog and time is wasted. So search engines will think your blog is very important. Arrogant also provides various web links to backlink to your website, through which you can get your backlinks by contacting the owner of that website. Which will make your website important to search engines.


You share your website links with many websites. Then search engines will consider your website as a big company and will be at the top of the search rankings. You can also say that you have created many websites. Where you can backlink your own website. Which will not cost you backlinks and you can do follow backlinks. Which will bring your site to the search engine first. But if you purchase backlinks that may be included in Black Hat SEO. Which can take down your site. Which is harmful to your website.


If there is no blog post on your website then you add it. Because if you post a blog, visitors will come to your website. Which will rank your website in search engines. However, you must agree to the value of your blog posts. And the length of a good blog post can be from 1000 words to 1500 words. Many people will benefit from reading this and commenting which will make your website rank in search engines.


If you have made a post on your website that is outside the scope of search engine policy, then this post is called SPINNING. Which is harmful to your website. But even then you do it if you come to visitor power. Then your website can eat the penalty from the search engine. Also if you steal someone else’s post and publish it on your website. Then it will be copyright and SPINNING.


You can put your keywords in the right place in your blog content and make it the place of search engines. There are some websites that use a lot of focus keywords in their way. But it is beyond the reach of search engine policy and includes traditional gray hat SEO. Refrain from doing it. This will keep your website secure.

  1. Using Private Blog Networks (PBN)

There are many honest ways to SEO your website, which if you apply your website will be in the search rankings permanently. It is a matter of a little effort and patience to do SEO honestly. For that, many companies use illegal methods for their websites. As they purchase invalid backlinks, they can quickly come up in the search rankings. But it is only for a short time when search engines realize that this site is coming to the search rank by following an illegal path.

Then this site can be down and even blocked. Also, those who give backlinks to their other personal site many times, then rank that site which is known as (PBN). We will refrain from it. This is a temporary approach.

  1. Creating Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is RKT gray hat SEO. Trying to rank specific keywords to search engines by using the same content over and over again. This is more common in the case of local web content, where the same text is written. As a result, visitors to the website are annoyed to read the same text or content over and over again. And this is also outside the policy of search engines. As a result of this, our website will be down from the search rank again in a few days. So it is better not to do it.

  1. Paying for Positive Reviews

The more positive the rev, the more it is known to search engines. There are some sites that have a positive review community by paying. It belongs to the Great Hat SEO. You can do this by selling good products on your site.

Which gives the customer a positive review of your site. Those whose product quality on the site is not good, buy reviews. You can also offer product offers and low prices for free. This will allow the customer to visit your website and give you positive reviews if you like it. So we will always take an honest approach. As a result, your site will rank permanently in the search results.


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