Fruits Of Bangladesh Paragraph, Value of time

Fruits Of Bangladesh Paragraph And Its Importance

Fruits of Bangladesh Paragraph

Fruits are very much testy and it’s very helpful for our health. Bangladesh is the land of fruits. There are many kinds of fruits grow in Bangladesh. They are in different colors, sizes, and tests. Some are sweet in test and some are sour. Jack fruit, Mango Guava, palm, pineapple, Blackberry, date, Melon, wood apple, Banana, Lychee, etc. Mango is called the king of fruits and people love mango Because of its test. It grows mostly in the Rajshahi division. Capri Nababgonj is famous for mango. Lychee is another popular fruit of Bangladesh. It is a juicy fruit and it’s very tasty to eat. Lychees mostly grow in Rajshahi, Dinajpur. Jackfruit a common fruit in our country. Jackfruit is our national fruit. It is a large fruit. Mango is one of the largest fruit in the world. Banana is one of the most popular fruit in our country. It grows all-round the year. The fruit is beautiful and sweet. Guava is the most common and popular fruit. Usually, it grows in the rainy season. Tamarind and lemon are the most common sour fruits. Tamarind and lemon are used to make juice. All fruits are a source of vitamins and minerals in our bodies. we should be conscious of fruit.

Another important Information on Fruits Of Bangladesh

There is a lot of benefits of fruits in our health. People who eat more food and vegetable every day he can make good health. Eating fruits and vegetables a man can reduce the risk of some chronic diseases. Vitamin C is a very important element for our health. Fruits are the main source of vitamin C. Children and pregnant women need more fruits. If a person wants to reduce his blood pressure he must eat more fruits and vegetables. Many kinds of fruits and vegetables protect certain types of cancer.


                                      Value of time

There is a proverb goes that time and tide wait for none. From the beginning of civilization, time is running. It does not take any rest. And it is running with his own speed. If a man lost his health, he can remake his health by taking proper food and proper medicine and he can be strong. But if a man lost his time he cannot get back his time again. Time is lost forever.

Man is mortal. So every man has different human life. So a man born with limited time. This time s very short. He has to do anything within this short time. So every moment is very important success in life depends on the best use of time. If we do not use the right way of our time. We cannot get our goal.

An idle brain is a devil’s workshop.

If we waste our time randomly, we have to face the most dangerous time in the future. It is not only our loss but also our society. An idle person cannot support himself. He leads an unhappy life and suffers in the long run. If we notice Japanese people, we can see they are very hard-working people. They always use their time in the right way. So they are developed. But we, not the idle nation we have realized the value of our time then we can be a success.

We should divide our time properly for reading, for physical exercise, for entertainment, for office or other work. And the most important work is a prayer to god. Totally we should use our time the right way. Our development depends on the proper use of time. Ant, bees, insects work timely. They do not kill a single moment.

Man is the best creation of Allah. So we should not waste our most valuable time. The developed nation respect their time and they work daily duties properly.



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