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Freelance Marketplace is a combination of buyers and freelancers. In the modern era a lot of online based work is done which was earlier done on contract basis through direct communication. Which is only for a few limited areas. With the help of this online based marketplace, freelancers from anywhere can do the work they need at any time in the world. So the marketplace for both buyers and freelancers is extremely important. A brief description of some notable marketplaces is given below.

Upwork :

Upwork is one of the best online marketplaces. Scattered like a net all over the world. This marketplace has taken itself to such a height that both employers and job seekers consider it an ideal place. Here buyers and freelancers enjoy the highest security benefits. Anyone can sign in here for free. The validity of that person is to be verified while signing here. For all these reasons, it is an international quality marketplace. It is one of the best first class marketplaces in the world because its main purpose is to provide job opportunities to remote employees.

  • Former name – Odex
  • Establishment period: 2003
  • Location: Campbell, California
  • Founder: Odyssey Satellis Status Karamyanlakis.
  • Headquarters: Redwood City, California
  • CEO : Hayden Brown

Thousands of jobs are posted and bid in different categories in this marketplace every day. There are more than 1 crore freelancers working in the world. This market has either onetime payment for each job or hourly payment. Buyers and freelancers perform contract work. Upwork charges a fixed rate for both buyers and freelancers. At the same time buyers and freelancers can enter into multiple work contracts. Upwork Time Analyzer software is used to determine the time. With the help of this software, the buyer can search for his work all the time. Freelancers can easily and securely transfer or withdraw their money at any time. Every marketplace has the opportunity to withdraw  money in different ways. Such as Pioneer MasterCard, Moneybookers, War Transfer, Bank Account.

Fiverr :

Fiverr is a popular and trusted freelance marketplace suitable for most freelancers. Fiverr is in the 2nd position. It is more popular with early freelancers. This is a slightly different feature from other marketplaces. There is no need to bid by money. In the beginning, some freelancers wait for a buyer request. Here freelancers combine their qualifications and expertise and their remuneration to create gigs for the purpose of selling services. From thousands of such gigs, the buyer can find the freelancer of his choice. Since the number of dishonest people is relatively low, buyers and freelancers are more interested here. Freelancers don’t have to read in embarrassing situations like

  • Address:
  • Start date: 01 February 2010
  • Founders: Mika Kaufman and Schweiner
  • Headquarters: Israel
  • ceo : Micha Kaufman : is one of the most trusted free marketplace for freelancers. Most of the users of this marketplace are India, USA, Philippines, Pakistan and UK. But its activities are spread all over the world. Its popularity is somewhat hampered. Because of there are a number of dishonest people here. Many times dishonest people deceive freelancers and buyers. Of course day by day it is becoming more reliable and secure. The workers of this marketplace are trying their best to make this marketplace more trustworthy. It may not take very long to get rid of this dishonesty. The best part about it is that it’s relatively easy to add new account.

  • Establishment period: 2009
  • Location: Australia, Sydney
  • Offices: London, Manila Oncoder and Buenos Aires
  • ceo : Matt Barrie

Guru :

Guru is another trusted and popular name like other marketplaces. Buyers and freelancers can easily communicate. Buyers post here in brief form with details of their desired work. Interested freelancers apply here. It’s a lot like The commission is fixed at a fixed rate from the buyer and seller. One-time or hourly work is done here. Here the emphasis is on the safety of buyers and freelancers

  • Address:
  • Establishment: 1997
  • Place of establishment: Petersburg, Pennsylvania
  • Type: privately held company
  • Founder: Inder Guglani
  • Headquarters: Petersburg, Pennsylvania
  • CEO : Rick Nucci

The company’s first name was Later in 1998 it changed its name to


People per hour :

People per hour is a very popular freelance marketplace based in the UK. It is comparatively less popular worldwide. It provides security to buyers and freelancers like other marketplaces. Like other marketplaces, they also charge a fixed rate from buyers and freelancers. Here vendors make gigs with details of their work skills. If the buyer is interested in seeing this give, the work is done through a contract. Although this organization started too late from us, it has been able to recover with the help of skilled manpower. Their users are constantly increasing. Its popularity is growing rapidly due to its relatively simple rules and safety.

  • Address:
  • Founder : xenios thrasyroulou and simos kitiris
  • Established: 2006
  • Ceo : Xenios Thrasyvoulou

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