Computer composition for student

Computer composition
Computer composition

Computer Composition

Computer is the ultra-modern electronic device. In this modern age science has discovered a lot of invention. We use it for storing and analyzing information fed into it. Computer cannot do anything by itself. It works by the direction of the operator.

To invent the computer to took a long time. Basically the computer is not invented overnight. Scientist had to work hard to invent computer. So the computer is the result of many sacrifice and hard work. At first Pascal invented the theory of digital calculator. It was 1942. Though he didn’t get the final success. Invented only the research. And then his research opened the way of inventing the computer.

In 1937 MR. Haward Akin invented a machine which can calculate difficult sums. So we call him the modern computer inventor. Harvard University sued this computer for seven years. After 1944 many other computer have been invented like EDSAC. Scientist invented EDSAC in 1946 and ENTANCE in 1956.

A computer work three functions. 1. It receive data 3. processes data 3. emits data. A computer cannot read our local language computer has own language of itself. The machine language is nit fixed. It varies from machine to machine. Every computer program is written in machine language.

Bangladesh use computer lately. Now a days most of the government and nongovernment uses computer for their daily work. Now secondary and higher education need it for study. In this days we use in every moments of our life.

In our modern time computer is the best way to identify disease. Doctor uses computer for their work. Major diagnoses are now possible with computer only. Computer make easy our business, banking, daily life, industry, education and administration. Using computer system factory can produce a huge production. Totally we cannot thing a day without computer.


Important remember

Computer composition is one of the most important for every classes. Every year most of the exam taker include this composition in different class’s English exam. So every student should read it seriously. 10 mark on every composition for every class, so don’t neglect it.

If there are any mistake in this composition please comment me. I will fixed the problem as soon as possible.


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