cause of diabetes and its Remedy

cause of diabetes
cause of diabetes

Cause of diabetes

Cause of diabetes – type 2 diabetes is not a sudden disease. The process of developing diabetes starts in the body about 10-12 years ago. Diabetes is not a disease, the main disease is insulin resistance. Due to insulin resistance, sugar cannot enter the body’s cells. And this sugar rises in the blood. And one stage of the process is diabetes. That is, the main disease is insulin resistance, not diabetes. The main reasons for insulin resistance are eating more and working less. When the pressure of the cell to increase the amount of sugar beyond its capacity, the cell blocks the sugar. This stage is insulin resistance.

Symptoms of Insulin Resistance –
1- Black spots on both sides of the neck
2- Black spots on both sides of the bogle
3- The normal color of the body changes
4- I wake up in the morning feeling very hungry and dizzy until I eat, headache and weakness.
5- Chest throbbing

Our body can control this insulin resistance in the early stages. After running it for a long time it means body rate and body becomes insulin resistance. So you should try to get rid of insulin resistance without fear of diabetes. Because diabetes is not the main disease, the main disease is insulin resistance. If medication is taken only for diabetes, it will be forcing sugar into the cell. The original disease will remain in the place of the disease. For example, the symptoms of typhoid can be fever, the symptoms of malaria are fever, and the fever can be due to various reasons. If you take paracetamol just for fever, the fever will go down temporarily but the root disease will not go away.

Remedy —

Food – Eat foods that are low in sugar. The next step is to try to get the body out of the sugar metabolism and into the fat metabolism. And must be for a fixed period of time, not 24 hours. For a certain period of time the body needs to be shown and taught how to do fat metabolism. When we eat 10 percent sugar, 20 percent meat and 70 percent natural fat, the body will automatically convert into fat metabolism. This means that the body will learn to burn the fat that has accumulated in our liver or cells. In this way, when the body learns to burn the accumulated fat, we will try not to eat for a certain period of time.

It can be 15-16 hours It is normal to see that we are not eating, but the body is getting the energy it needs. Because the body has learned to burn the stored fat or energy without getting food from outside. We are eating but not in the mouth, we are eating the stored energy of the body. Our purpose is to burn the body’s excess stored energy. As a result of burning excess fat, our cells will be cleansed and the cells will take up sugar again. In this way the body’s insulin sensitivity increases and the body will be released from insulin resistance

Physical Exercise – Physical exercise is very important. We can call physical exercise medicine. If we can do physical exercise properly, sugar can enter the cell directly through the glutfor pathway.

Peace of mind and not waking up at night – we must be mentally calm. Maybe it’s hard to keep a calm mind in many things, but you have to try not to get too excited in any way. Try to keep yourself away from things that make you more excited.
Waking up at night is a bad habit. When we wake up more at night, our body produces more stage hormones. And AO stage hormone brings sugar. If we do not eat sugar from the outside, this hormone makes sugar in the body. This sugar destroys the precious muscles of our body while making it. Thus, the higher the sugar, the greater the insulin resistance. So you must follow the right routine to get rid of insulin resistance.

If you have type 2 diabetes, it will be better to follow all these rules, but if you have type 1 diabetes, you must take the advice of a good specialist doctor. Although all physical problems need to consult a doctor. Remember that no physical illness can be neglected. We should careful about cause of diabetes.


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