Benefit from walking

Benefit from walking
Benefit from walking

Benefit from walking

Benefit from walking–Walking in the morning is extremely beneficial for health. If you know it is so useful, you will walk too. There are many of us who regularly walk for 20-30 minutes. Everyone should make it a habit to walk in the morning. Just 20-30 minutes of walking every morning keeps us well throughout the day. So you should walk with difficulty in a place full of regular light and air.

Benefit from walking: Here are some benefit from walking

  1. Walking lowers blood pressure
  2. Reduces the risk of heart disease
  3. Remove excess fat
  4. Reduces blood sugar
  5. Controls weight
  6. Controls blood pressure, cholesterol, arthritis, diabetes
  7. Heart problems, reduces the risk of stroke
  8. Strengthens the bones
  9. Increases blood circulation
  10. As a result, the heart stays good, the overall strength of the body or fitness increases
  11. Reduces the chances of getting cancer
  12. Increases muscle strength
  13. Healthy BMI can be retained or achieved
  14. Healthy waste to hip ratio can be maintained or achieved,
  15. Increases metabolism
  16. All the organs of the body are good
  17. Holds youth
  18. Increases life expectancy
  19. Increases brain function
  20. Good sleep
  21. Increases memory power
  22. Keeps the mind cheerful, removes mental fatigue and makes the mind better
  23. Increases mental strength and increases self-confidence
  24. Good cholesterol increases HDL and bad cholesterol lowers LDL
  25. It does not allow fat to accumulate in the walls of blood vessels
  26. Walking reduces the chances of getting type-2 diabetes
  27. If you have diabetes, it is under control
  28. Walking increases muscle strength
  29. Walking increases the performance of the heart and lungs
  30. To right Body weight and body is fit



There are some things to keep in mind before going for a walk. Wear comfortable loose clothing and comfortable shoes suitable for walking. You can drink water every 15-20 minutes. This will make your morning walking habit enjoyable.

Increases longevity – Pure morning air and beautiful environment increase the performance of your heart and mind. During walking, the heart carries pure blood to different parts of the body. So every limb stays healthy and active. This overall well-being makes people live longer.

Memory increases – Fresh air enters the lungs when you walk for 20 to 20 minutes every morning. From this air we collect pure oxygen and the heart purifies the blood. This oxygen rich blood supplies the brain which keeps the brain active and increases our memory power.

Blood pressure is under control – According to health experts, walking in the morning is very important to control blood pressure. Excessive fat is lost from the red blood cells when you walk regularly. During walking, blood insulin and glucose are depleted and blood pressure is controlled.

The skin stays good – walking in the morning causes a lot of sweating. As a result of this sweating, the pores of the skin are opened and the contaminants of the body are expelled from the body through sweat. As a result, the skin looks more radiant and radiant.

Reduces Fat – Regular morning walks can help prevent excess fat. Walking burns a lot of calories from our body. Eating low calorie food regularly as well as walking every morning reduces fat and body shape.

Keeps eyesight good – Every day we look at the computer screen for work. Looking at it like this causes a lot of damage to our eyes. So it is very important to walk in the morning to relax and keep the eyes well. According to researchers, walking barefoot on the grass every morning improves eyesight.

Reduces stress – We are under stress due to daily work stress. Everyone likes to enjoy the beautiful softness of the morning. Walking in the beautiful environment every morning is bound to make your mind feel good. Walking for some time every morning increases our motivation for work throughout the day and reduces stress a lot

Increases immunity – Walking every morning brings pure blood and oxygen to every cell in the body. This increases the body’s resistance to disease and reduces the risk of getting sick easily.

The easiest popular and safest exercise – exercise that requires exercise or physical exercise for a happy healthy body and healthy mind. At the same time, the secret of a balanced diet is the secret of a long life and the secret of keeping the body and mind fresh. There is no substitute for exercise to keep the weight right. There is no substitute for physical exercise to keep the body disease free. The easiest way and the most popular exercise among all the exercises is walking in the morning. An exercise suitable for less work that is suitable for people of all ages.

Researchers’ opinion – According to the researchers, running brings equal benefits for the health of the heart and blood vessels. But walking is more useful because walking puts less pressure on the body. Running often causes pain in the ankles and more pain. Running is especially risky for the elderly. Walking in the morning is easier and more popular

Benefit from Walking vs. Other Exercises – Walking is relatively easy in the morning. No need to wear any special dress. You can walk quite comfortably. Jogging and strenuous exercise force the blood to pump loudly. On the one hand it is beneficial. Muscles need a lot of oxygen to work hard. Lactic acid is made in exercise. The accumulation of this lactic acid makes the muscles stronger. When walking, the heart pumps loudly and increases blood flow. However, it does not have a severe effect on the muscles. Lactic acid is not made in the body. So even with less pressure on the body, it helps to stimulate the circulatory system. Excess body fat is lost. Walking for a whole month does not feel bad as there is no special pressure on the body.

There are many who are quite ill, who cannot do other exercises. They can start with a morning walk. At first 15-20 minutes and then gradually increase.

What to do in case of diabetes, blood pressure or heart disease — Regular morning walk is said to be a tool to prevent the disease. So you should develop the habit of walking in the morning in a healthy condition. We walk only when the doctor makes walking compulsory. So before diabetes, blood pressure should be practiced walking before diabetes, blood pressure. When you are sick, you have to walk to get out of this thought. So walk to stay healthy.

How long and how long to walk? – If you want to get benefits, you must walk regularly. You must walk at least 5 days a week though is better to walk 7 days a week. You have to walk for 30-60 minutes a day. if you walk in morning, the risk of diseases like diabetes, heart attack and stroke is greatly reduced.

The right time to walk – The best time to walk is in the morning. It is better to go out for a walk after prayers. At this time the air is dust free and the air is clean and full of oxygen. However, if it is not possible to get up in the morning in any way, then you have to walk at a convenient time. Morning and afternoon are the best time to walk. When you walk in the morning, the muscles and joints become stronger. But it takes more time for the body to warm up. This is the main thing to walk regularly at any time.

Where to walk? — You have to walk in a beautiful pollution free environment. However, the morning environment is beautiful and pollution-free you can walk in parks, buggers or clean sidewalks or any open space. You can walk in different places to get rid of boredom.

Walking barefoot — Walking barefoot and running shoes are much more beneficial than walking or running. According to American experts, walking can be responsible for a number of foot diseases. Walking after high shoes hurts a part of the foot. So walking on foot, the body mass is maintained on full legs. So it is better to walk barefoot. However, if necessary, you can use thin and soft shoes to maintain the balance of the body

We have to believe on the benefit of walking especially in the morning


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