A Village Market composition

A Village Market
A Village Market

A Village Market

A village market is a popular place for the villagers. Village people meet each other to sell and buy their daily products. It is the main center of commercial activities for the villagers. Generally, it sits on the bank of a river or under a large tree. Some market sits every morning and close before noon and Some sit at noon and close before evening.

A village market is divided into two parts. They are temporary shops and permanent shops. Generally, most of the goods are sold in open space. Different shops sell different products.

Rice. Flour, vegetable. Oil, fish, milk, paper, spices, etc are sold in the temporary shop and Cloths groceries, stationery products are sold in the permanent shop. Jute, Paddy and domestic animals are available in a large market.

Bargaining is a common affair in the village market. Buyers try to get products at a cheap rate and sellers try to sell at a higher rate. After bargaining, they reach a fixed rate. Then the buyer buy the product.

A village market is a meeting place. People sit in the tea stall and gossip with each other. They meet with their friends and relative in the village market. The place improves their social communication. They talk about national and international topics like business, politics present world, and many others.

Sometime thief, pickpocket, and some bad people committed the crime. The committee protects them. Sometime people lost their money and valuable thing for over crowed.

In the market day, people collect their every product and take to their house. Totally it is very important for every villager. Sometimes children go here and they collect many kinds of toys. They also collect chocolate and sweets. Girls move to cosmetic shops and jewelry shops. A village market is the most important place for the villagers.



Important note:

This is not only a market but also is an entertainment place, communication place, and so on. City people can feel its beauty. But this kind of market is reducing. In the future, we may not see this type of market.

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