A moonlit Night And Its Beautiful Scenery

A moonlit Night Which Is More Enjoyable And Memorable

A moonlit Night

A moonlit night is very charming and enjoyable. The Night represents a beautiful scenery. It gives much pleasure to our eyes and refreshes our hearts. In a moonlit night, a moon looks like a silver plate. It looks just beautiful. In a moonlit night, all area is covered with silver light. Every people likes the night very much. In this time the whole world becomes silvery. The watery places, canal, river, and tank seem to smile at this time. The most beautiful scenery of the watery places, canals, rivers, and tanks can not be described in a short time. In this night man cannot see clearly everything but it is not so dark. Boy and come out at this time. In the village little boys and girls play different kinds of games on a moonlit night. People enjoy the night. The night is an enjoyable time for all classes of people. Men and women come out from home at this moment. They pass the time by gossiping. Grandfather and grandmother tell a story to the little boys and girls. They also gossip with each other. Sometimes they forget the time because of their environment. It’s not normal to pass a long time this night. A Moonlit night is full of pleasure and enjoyable moments. I like this night very much.

Not so important

We live in a modern age so we almost forget it. City people quite forget it. They don’t enjoy it. If we live in the same way one day we will forget it. Our grandmother and grandfather enjoy this of their time.

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                         The person I like most Composition

Every man has a different opinion. Every man has a different choice and every man has a favorite person. So I have a favorite person. My favorite person is my father. He is the best person ever I have seen in my life.

My father’s name is MD. Kk. He is 50 years old and is not higher educated but he is a very intelligent person. He has a great hart for everyone. My father is a businessman. And he comes from a Muslim family. My father wakes up early in the morning. He goes to his shop at 9 AM. Every day he teaches me about human life. Always he teaches me how to respect others. And also teaches me how to help poor people. He helps poor people as he can. From my childhood, he always takes care very much.

When I fell ill, he becomes very much worried. When I come back from an illness he becomes very happy. I don’t a single day without my father.


My father is my guardian.

Every day I go to school with him. I come back from school with him. He always tries to make me safe from any kind of danger. Always he tries to make me happy. He does not misbehave with me. He always talks softly to me. I share my sorrow and happiness with my father.

My father keeps good relations with our neighbors. Though he is very busy he tries to spend some time on social work. He is a member of a social organization. He tries to improve the village people and tries to develop their awareness of their daily life.

My father is co-operative and very friendly with all. He is my best friend also. There is none in this world like my father. He is really an ideal father. I am proud of him. I always ready to sacrifice my all happiness for him.

Important Note: Dear all, please respect your father and mother. And try to feel their love. They are the best ones for you in this world. So Please don’t hart them.

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