A journey By Boat Composition

A journey By Boat Composition
A journey By Boat Composition

A journey By Boat

A journey By Boat: A journey is always a pleasure to all. When I go on a journey, my heart becomes happy. I like the boat journey. A plane journey is very costly. A bur’s journey is risky and uncomfortable. A journey by boat is quite risky but very interesting. I enjoy it very much. When I get time I make a journey by boat with my friends.

In the vacation, I got sufficient time to go on a boat journey. So I made a plan with some of my friends to go on a journey. We planned to go on a boat journey. They all agreed with me. Bangladesh is a land of rivers. So it is easy to make this type of journey. our journey was Mongla to Paikgascha. We are a total of four friends and we are the same age. We hired a boat. It was enough big. There were a boatman and his assistant. They were very nice people. We had our breakfast early in the morning. We started our journey at 8 AM. It was a sunny morning. The sky was clear and the weather was fine to look. The river was calm and its water was clear.

The boat began to move slowly. There were small waves on the river. The scenery was very beautiful. The small waves were making little sounds. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the river. There were green fields, villages, paddy fields, and jute fields. One of my friends was singing. We saw many boys and girls were bathing and catching fish. The fisherman was catching fish. Women are taking water from the river. We saw many boat were running beside us. Many kinds of birds were flying on the river.

We collected some food from a small market. We ate and started again and collected some exclusive products from small fresh fish. The boatman becomes tired. We reached our destination before sunset. We saw the sun setting. It was a special moment. The journey was really very interesting. It will be kept in my heart. It gave me much pleasure. The journey was one of the most memorable day in my life.

Important Note:

Every class of students has to read the composition. Because this composition is one of the most important. There are many kinds of entertainment in our hands. But I think the boat journey is the best of them. As a Bangladeshi, we have a big opportunity to take a boat journey.



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