A Day Labour Paragraph, Wood Cutter story

The Life Of A Day Labour, Wood Cutter story

The Life of A Day Labour

A Day labour is a person who works in various fields. Day labour is an unskilled person. Usually, he works in agriculture and constructions work. His work is really very hard. He has to work hard all day long. He gets money after work. Normally his income is very low compare to others. Sometimes he cannot earn for his family. Sometimes he and his family have to pass day without food and money. He leads a very poor life. And he lives a subhuman life. His work is not fixed all time. Day labour does the work that he gets. He goes out early in the morning searching for work. He works hard all day long for his family. After getting the money he goes to the market to buy his daily necessary product. After collecting daily goods, he comes back home at night. In harvesting season he can get more work and he can get more money. In his leisure period, his conditions become worse. The life of labor is full of sorrow and suffering. Hardly he can enjoy peace and happiness. He has to work in all conditions. He is a very important person for our society. But most of the people neglect him. We should respect them.

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                                       Wood Cutter story

Once there was a woodcutter in a village near a forest. He was very poor. Every day he used to go to the forest to cut wood from the forest. Then he used to sell them near a market. One a beautiful day he went to the forest to collect wood. At the time of cutting wood suddenly his axe slipped. The axe fell in the river and he lost his axe. He became very sad because he had only one axe on his own. Now he cannot cut wood and he cannot earn money for his family. So he was crying sitting beside the river. There was a Goddess live near the river. It heard his crying. Suddenly it jumped in the river and came back with a golden axe. It said to the woodcutter, is it your axe? The wood was very honest so he replied that no it is not my axe. Then the goddess again jumped and came back with a silver axe. It said, “Is it your axe?”  The woodcutter said no it is not my axe. The goddess jumped one more time and came with the original axe and said, “is it you?” The woodcutter became very and he said, “Yes it is my axe. Thank you very much”. The goddess became very happy for his honesty. Goddess gave him all three axes to the woodcutter. The woodcutter became very happy to get all three axe. He went back to home. He became rich.


Moral: honesty is the best policy. If a person stay with honest he will be successful in future.


Important note: Because of coronavirus all over the world became worried. So please be serious a make awareness among the people beside you. If we are alert about this dangerous we can defect it. Italy has already affected seriously. Many people have died in Italy. France and Iran also surviving a dangerous time in the history of the world. Our country is also affected. Recently our government have taken some step to controlling the virus. Please obey the government rules.  It is not only your safety but also all of family, relatives and neighbours.

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