A winter Morning, A Tea Stall For Five Six

A winter Morning, A Tea Stall For Five Six

A winter Morning

A winter morning is covered with fog and cold generally. There is a thick mist everywhere. Sometimes the sun is not seen for a long time. Nature looks like lazy. A winter morning, everything looks gloomy. Sometimes we cannot see anything in a short distance. People get up late in the morning. Old people and children do not go out until the sun rises. People wear hot clothes. People gossip with each other on a winter morning. Domestic animals do not come out from their shed. When the sun rises everyone goes out from home. In winter morning people eat delicious food alike cake, date juice, different types of Pitha. Especially the village people enjoy this morning very much. City people normally take a cup of tea or coffee on a winter morning on a winter morning. Old people and the poor suffer cold very much. Totally a winter morning is a wonderful time. People enjoy the morning.

A Tea Stall For Class Five

A tea stall is a place where prepared tea is sold. A tea stall is a very familiar place in our country. It is a small shop. Tea, biscuit, snacks, and lite food are sold here. A tea stall stand by the railway station, bus station, launch, and steamer Ghats, and markets. It has some benches, a table or chair, and a stove. Some tea stall has a television to make attraction other to come in his stall. Tea store opens early in the morning and it closes at midnight. A man leads the shop. Sometimes one or two boys help the stallman to serve the customer. We can get many kinds of food. They are cakes, banana, betel leaves, etc. the owner of the shop sits behind the cash box. He receives money and controls the shop. A tea stall is usually a noisy place. People take tea and gossip. They talk about local politics, international news, and many other important things. In the village, people gather here for their social communication. All classes of people come here and take tea. A tea stall is an important place in our social life.

Important Note:

Our world is going in a dangerous time our country is now in the same situation. we should aware of the coronavirus. The government already has taken some steps to reduce the virus. Please stay at home and keep away yourself from social communications. if we keep aware then we will overcome the world problem very soon. Wash your hand minimum one time per hour. keep safe yourself and your family too. And pray to Allah five times a day and please don’t miss salat, only he can save us from the virus.


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