Student life composition , Aim in Life composition

Student life composition and it Benefits, Aim in Life composition

Student life composition 

Student life is the best time for every man. In this time he spends his time through education. So it is called student life. It is the seed time of human life. This is the preparation time of human life for his future. The future life of a man depends on student life.

The study is the main duty of a student. But he must not bind himself to book only. Because the only academic books cannot make him perfect. He should learn the good qualities of a man. Should not waste his time. Because happiness and success depend on student life. A student should take exercise every day. Exercise refresh our body and mind.

A student can take part in social activities. He has to take part in different kinds of games and sports. He should take part in debates, science fairs and many kinds of competition. This task makes him healthy, active, and strong. This also increases his knowledge. He can read newspaper novels, storybooks, etc. different types of books help him/her to make self-confidence. A newspaper is the source of knowledge so he must read newspaper regularly.

Students should take part in social activities such as help to the poor man. He can teach the illiterate people. They can make awareness among the illiterate people. They can help the poor people during floods, cyclones, etc. he can help to plant trees beside the road and open fields. He should obey his parents and say his prayers for five-time per day

A student should speak the truth. He should be punctual and attentive to his classes and he must learn his lesson regularly. He/she should take some physical exercise in the morning. He should take care of his health.

A student is a future leader. So he must work hard to make him strong. He/she must try to observe other minds. Overall the student life is the best training time for him/her.



                                        Aim in Life


Aim In Life: A proverb says, a man without an aim is like a ship without a rudder. Without rudder a ship faces danger. Similarly, a man cannot reach his goal without aim. It is very difficult to choose a profession. Student life is the best time to choose a profession. IN our country a student cannot choose their aim.

Different persons have different aims in life. Some want to be a doctor, some want to be a teacher, some want to be an engineer, some want to be an actor, and so on. But I want to be an ideal teacher. My grandfather was a teacher in our village school. I love his work, I always get inspiration from him. My father and mother have given their permission to choose it.

Our village people are not properly educated. They suffer many problems. We have not enough teachers in our school and college. Many of our village people are not ready to bear their education costs in a city school and college. Our village students cannot get proper education because of enough teachers. So I have decided to be a teacher to educate the people.

Now I am a student of class eight. After completing my SSC exam I will admit myself into a good college. Then completing my HSC exam, I will try to admit to Dhaka University. My preferable subject is English. English is an international language. After completing my honors I will come back to my village school or college.

It is my dream since my childhood. My dream is to teach to our village boys and girls. I will make a coaching center. I want to make a library. Our village boys and girls are interested in novel, drama, and literature. This all books gather huge knowledge. The coaching center will be totally free for the poor village boys and girls. I will also make awareness among the village people about their life.

Success in life depends on the proper choice of aim and proper hard work. I believe that I will be able to reach to my goal and serve our village people.


Note: The most important component is the Aim of life. Everybody should have read it because it may common in your exam.


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