Sheikh Sadie Story, Dividing the bread story

Sheikh Sadie Story And His Rich Dress, Dividing the bread story

Sheikh Sadie Story

Sheikh Sadie was a famous poet in Iran. He used to live a very simple life. One day the king of Iran invited to his kingdom. Sheikh Sadie started his journey. He had to take some rest and he needs a shelter for a night. Then he took shelter in a noble man’s house on his way. Sheikh Sadie always wore a simple dress. The king’s servant thought that Sadie was an ordinary man. So the servant didn’t respect cordially. The house owner and his servant gave him very simple food. Sadie was very sad about their behavior. But he didn’t tell anything to them. After passing the night, he started on the journey to the king. After a long time, he reached the king’s court. He stayed there for some days. The king gave many gifts and much gorgeous dress. On the way back, Sadie took shelter to the same house. At this time he wore a very costly and beautiful dress. The noble didn’t recognize him. The nobleman and his servant thought that he was a rich man. They welcome him very cordially. They gave him rich food. Sadie understood their behavior. They gave him the best food because of his rich dress. Sheikh Sadie wanted to teach them so he made a plan. He was putting the food instead of eating. The nobleman see this and he became very much surprised. He asked Sadie what is happening. Sadie replied that this food is not mine. This food is only for my dress. A few days ago I came to your home but you didn’t show respect. You gave me very simple food. But now I came back with a rich dress. At this time he gave me rich food, so this food is only for the dress. So I am putting the food into my rich dress. Then the nobleman realized his mistake. He became very sorrowful for his past work. At last, Sadie forgives him.


Don’t Judge a man with his dress. Great people always lead a very simple life

                                         Dividing the bread

Once there lived two rates in a house. One day they stole a piece of bread from a house. But the problem was they didn’t know how to divide it. Each of them wants the big part. When they failed to divide they went to a monkey. The monkey was the wisest animal of all the animals. The two rats requested the monkey to divide the bread equally. Then the monkey divides the bread into a two-piece and out on a scale. But one part is bigger than the others. He told the rates that one part is heavier than the other part. So the Monkey ate up the extra part. Then the small part became bigger. Then the monkey ate up the bigger part. Similarly the first time, the small part became again bigger. The monkey ate up the extra part. In the same way, the monkey did the same work again and again. The monkey continued the same work many times until the bread about to finish. At last, the rats said to stop the dividing. The rates requested the monkey to return their bread. The monkey said that he tried very hard to divide the bread equally. So he wanted the last part. At last, the two rats left the place. They went back very sad. They realized, they should try to divide. The two rats didn’t go to Monkey next time. Now they solve their problem them-self.


Moral: we should solve our problem ourselves. If we want help from others, he might take harm us. Some people always try to take a chance in other sad times. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you fail on your intellect. In our society, there are many people who always try to take his interest in the name of helping others. So we should always depend on ourselves.


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