Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Is Our National Hero

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman And His Short Life Story

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Born And early Education

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is The father of Bangladesh. He was born on 17 March 1920 in Rangiora, Gopalgonj, Faridpur district. He is the first president of Bangladesh. His father’s name is Sheik Lutfar Rahman. His father was an employer in the civil court of Gopalganj. Sheik Mujibur Rahman is the third brother and they are six brothers and sisters. He passed his primary education from the local primary school named Gimadanga. He was suffering from eye problems for about four years. This eye problem affected his primary educations. He completed his SSC exam from the Gopalganj missionary school in 1942. He finished his HSC exam from Calcutta Islamia college in 1944 in arts he also completed his BA course form the same college.

Start of Politics

At school life, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman showed his political talent. In 1938 A k fazlul haqe came to visit Missionary school. Then Mujibur was the student of that school. The young Mujibur rahman showed the problem in that state to the guest. While a student of Islamia College, the Organization select him for general sectary of that college in 1946. He was a worker of the Bengal Muslim League. And also a member of the All India Muslim league council in 1943. He always follows HS Suhrawardy.

Muslim league elected him to work for the party candidates in faridpur district in 1986. It was the time of the general election. After partition, he admitted himself to the Dhaka University. He was a student of law. But he didn’t complete his law course. He was expelled in early 1949 because of inciting the fourth-class employees in their right against university authority. As a result, he was suspended.

Mujib was one of the principal members of the East Pakistan Muslim Students league in 1948. He started his active political activities while he was in jail. He was the joint secretary of the new East Pakistan Awami Muslim league in 1953. East Pakistan Awami league selected him general secretary of the party. Then he became the president of the party in 1966. He dropped the word “Muslim” from the name to it sound secular. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was religion-neutral to the political after dropping the word.

Ataur Rahman Khan resigned from the cabinet after taking Mujibur Rahman’s serving only four months.

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s work

Most of his lifetime, he was fighting against unfair. West Pakistan always tried to remove him from politics. But he didn’t give up. On 7 March 1971 Sheik Mujibur Rahman called all classes of people to agitate against West Pakistan. All classes of people came to his conference.

25 march

General Yahiya Khan and others came to Dhaka on 25 March. They came to discuss with Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his party. The conference began the next day and continued to 25 march. In that time Hartal continued. Students and many other political parties had been declaring independence from 2 march. They continued it till 25 march. On 25 march West Pakistan attacks the general people of Dhaka. They attack people suddenly. They arrested Sheik Mujibur Rahman and took him to West Pakistan.


Start the war

Though the war started after 25 March. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was in the jail of Pakistan. Without his attendance, the Mujib Nagar government was made on 10 April. Mujibur rahman was the president of the government. His great speech was the strength of all liberation warfighter. After the war, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman got released and went to London. Then he came back to Bangladesh on 10 January 1972.

Mujib got only three and a half years after the liberation war. He started to rebuild the country like road construction, feeding the hungry millions of people, restoring law, and many other most important problem. He managed almost all the work. People of all classes follow him because of his charismatic leadership. Bangladesh gets many awards for his great leadership.

Some disgruntled army officers killed his all family without sheik Hasina and sheik Rehana. His two daughters sheik Rehana and sheik Rehana is alive because they were in London at that time. The most pathetic day of the country was 15 august. Bangladesh lost their heroic leader. Our country people remember the day very respectively.

17 march

Next 17 march is the birthday of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. It was the 100 years celebration time to give him respect. Many organizations already have started their work. We will celebrate the day with great respect and we will pray to Allah for him. Every government and non-government office will be decorated on the day. It was really a special day for Bangladesh because the day is for our pride that on 17 march we got our best country hero.


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