The importance of Kurbani, education, and rules

The importance of Kurbani, education, and rules

The importance of Kurbani, education, and rules

The importance of Kurbani and Jilhaj= The first ten days of the month of Jilhaj are very important. These ten days of worship are very pleasing to Allah. Even more important than jihad, Allah has sworn in the Qur’an that these ten days are so pleasing to Allah because Allah has coordinated all these basic acts of worship these days. Which is not available at any other time of the year. There is this 10-day prayer, there is naafil fasting, there is fasting, there is sadaqah sacrifice and there is Hajj.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) instructed us to take these ten days seriously and to worship more and more. Subhanallah Alhamdulillah La Ilaha Illallahu Allahu Akbar has instructed to recite more and more takbeers in these ten days. If you fast on the 9th of Jilhaj, Allah will forgive you all the sins of the previous 1 year and the next 1 year. This takbeer has to be recited from Fajr on the 9th of Jilhaj to Asr on the 13th. It is necessary for us to read this takbeer.

Those who are destined for sacrifice must cut their hair and nails clean before these 10 days and refrain from cutting hair and nails within these 10 days. All in all, these ten days of worship are very pleasing to Allah. So we have to take the golden opportunity.


Since we follow the Hanafi school of thought, sacrifice is obligatory for us. The incident of sacrifice that really comes to our mind is the heartfelt love, devotion, and self-sacrifice of Ibrahim (peace be upon him) and Ishmael (peace be upon him) towards Allah. Ibrahim (peace be upon him) wanted to sacrifice his son Ishmael (peace be upon him) for the sake of Allah. It was so pleasing to Allah that Allah made it obligatory for all the able-bodied till the Day of Resurrection.

When Ishmael (peace be upon him) was a little older. He could walk with his father Ibrahim (peace be upon him), just then Ibrahim (peace be upon him) dreamed that he was sacrificing his son Ishmael (peace be upon him). The dreams of the prophets and messengers are not like the dreams of ordinary people. In their dreams, they get the revelation of Allah. Ibrahim (peace be upon him) told his son about the dream the next day. Ibrahim (peace be upon him) wanted to know the opinion of the son of the heart in his heart. Ishmael gave a very strong answer. O my honorable father, do exactly as Allah has commanded you, as you have dreamed. You will not be afraid inshallah you will find me among the patient


Can we imagine!!

When Ishmael (peace be upon him) was a small child and his father spoke of sacrifice, he was afraid. I was supposed to scream and cry. He was not afraid of himself, he was afraid of his father. He said you should not be afraid, he said you do exactly what you are commanded to do Because the whale knew that when the prophets dreamed. It was not an ordinary dream, it was a revelation. Ibrahim (peace be upon him) was ready to sacrifice Ishmael (peace be upon him). The matter was so pleasing to Allah that He sent a dumb from Paradise through Gabriel. Ishmael (peace be upon him) was removed from under the knife of Ibrahim (peace be upon him) and Dumba was sacrificed.


Ibrahim was 7 years old when he became the father of a son. We all know that when someone is the father of a child at an older age, he has more love for his child. From so much love that he will save his child even with his own life In the same way, Ibrahim (peace be upon him) fell in love with his son Ishmael. And when it comes to sacrificing that child, what can happen to that father? He placed the Son on the highest throne of the heart. Allah Talah wanted to remove Ishmael and put Allah there. So he instructed Ishmael to sacrifice. It was a test.

What we learn from this is that Ibrahim (peace be upon him) had Ishmael in his heart.
In the same way, we have the symbolic or imaginary Ishmael in our hearts. Someone’s smile can be money, someone’s bank balance, someone’s expensive car, someone’s fame. May Allah bless us, so that we may always be ready to offer Ishmael in our hearts for the pleasure of Allah. Whether we can sacrifice the Ishmael of our hearts only for the pleasure of Allah is the main reason for the sacrifice.

Allah Talah wants the whole place of our heart to be full of devotion and love of Allah. All the work in our life will be just to gain the pleasure of Allah. If we can sacrifice Ishmael in our hearts, then we can gain the pleasure of Allah just as Ibrahim (peace be upon him) did. If we think a little, we can understand that neither the flesh nor the blood of our sacrifice reaches Allah, only our taqwa, fear, and love. God will see how sincerely we have been able to surrender our wealth to God. This is the teaching of sacrifice.



Will the Kurbani be in 7 parts?

Some people say that sacrifice cannot be given in 8 parts. That’s not right. Sacrifice can be given in a maximum of 7 parts. But everyone must have the same intention. If one’s mind is just to show people, then one’s sacrifice will not be accepted. Sacrifice should be done only for the pleasure of Allah. Everyone should be earning halal. If one’s earnings are not halal, the sacrifice will not be accepted. That is why many do not want to make joint sacrifices.

Akika and Korbani together? 

we all know The importance of Kurban, Kurbani, and Akika are two different acts of worship. Sacrifices can only be made on certain days. Akika is an act of worship on the 7th day of childbirth as a token of gratitude to Allah. The Prophets and their Companions did not perform Qurbani and Akika together. The hadith speaks of a goat for Akika. Akika has to make two goats for a boy and one for a girl. Since no prophet-messenger or companion has ever sacrificed an animal, we cannot do so.

Characteristics of the sacrificial animal

Clearly cannot be blind
You can’t dig clear
Can’t be clear black
Clearly can’t be lean
Must be fat 6
Must be healthy and strong
Teeth should be, usually cow teeth in two years, goat teeth in 1 year, camel teeth in 5 years. Must see teeth.

Meat distribution 

In our society, there is a practice of meat distribution in three parts. It’s the best. One part for the poor mislins, one part for the relatives and one part for themselves. But if the person who sacrificed the total meat is 10 kg and his family is 20 people. After dividing into three, his family could not eat enough at one time, but he could distribute a little and keep it for himself. But if someone thinks that everyone in their family will eat a lot of meat, and therefore does not distribute more, it will not be right.

We sacrifice for the sake of Allah If we do not distribute the sacrificial meat among the poor. then the poor people are dissatisfied, and Allah is displeased with the dissatisfaction of the people. So it is better to distribute by keeping the quantity like yourself. This strengthens the social relations between people and strengthens the bonds of kinship. we will sacrifice for The importance of Kurban.


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