Corona and our lives

Corona and our lives

Corona and our lives

Corona and our lives = For a long time, Corona has stopped the normal work of our world, and Corona and our lives are running separately. Almost all countries from developed to underdeveloped are more or less affected by this corona. It is difficult to imagine what could happen to the helpless, small, and weak countries of Europe’s big economies. Corona showed that our knowledge of preventing epidemics like Corona has not yet improved. We are not yet so advanced in knowledge and science that we will face any disaster.

Hopefully, developing countries like Europe and America have not been affected as much by developing countries or underdeveloped countries as they have been affected by Corona. Many people in America have died even though they have so much conscious and advanced treatment. If this happens in a developing country like Bangladesh, then no one can imagine the horrors.

Poor class 

Bangladesh is a developing country. Every human being has to work hard to make a living. There are a lot of people here who eat day in and day out. The economy of Bangladesh is not such that it will feed the poor people for months on end. Where America is giving 000 3000 per person, the people of our country are not getting anything. Almost everything that comes from the government coffers is eaten up by people with some dishonest power. As a result, ordinary poor people are being deprived of aid. Unable to find a way out, Corona was forced to go out in search of a livelihood. These people do not have any special protection. They are forced to go out in search of livelihood by relying on Allah. The biggest problem here is not using the law properly. No matter how hard the government tries, it will not happen if the law is not used.

Ignorance –

Another important problem is ignorance and illiteracy. Uneducated people cannot be made aware in the same way as educated people. They do not want to accept the dos and don’ts of coronation. There are some misconceptions among them. They don’t think it’s poor. It is a disease of rich countries. It is only for those who drink alcohol. There are many misconceptions among them.

Education system

The students of the country were always waiting for a few days off. Now they have plenty of time for the benefit of the lockdown. Although now they are waiting to see when they will be able to go to school when they will be able to meet all their friends. It can be said that the education system is in grave danger. Although classes are being held online, many are not able to take advantage of this. The network system is not good, especially in rural areas. So many people are not able to do this online class even if they want to.

Rich class

The days of the rich class do not go so badly. They can spend many days in comfort with their savings. They can spend many days storing their necessities and food. In this way, they are spending the days of lockdown quite happily. These days of lockdown are a lot like a picnic for them. They are trying to make different types of the food item. They are enjoying the lockdown day. But most of them do not fell the poor class people. Hopefully, Some of them are trying to help the poor people as they can.


Even after all this, the corona is doing us some good. We couldn’t spend time with family even if we wanted to. We have so much work to do that we no longer have time to spend with family. Because of Corona’s work stoppage and instructions to stay at home, I am forced to spend such a long time with my family. Even though family ties were very important, we probably wouldn’t have been able to get out one day if Corona hadn’t come. We are praying to our God, please give us a way to get rid of the corona.


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