A Book Fair And A Village Fair Paragraph

A Book Fair And A Village Fair Paragraph

A Book Fair

A Book Fair: Nowadays a book fair is a very popular fair in our country. Every country arranges it annually our country arranges it in February. A book fair has made awareness among the people about the importance of books. In a book, fair hundreds of stores are set up. Many kinds of books are displayed at the fair. They are storybooks, fiction, novel, dramas, children’s books, textbooks, and many others. There are some food and drinks stalls in a book fair. Committee set up the fair in an open field. People can see the books and take rest. The committee makes someplace for their rest. They can take rest there when they become tired. The main purpose of a book fair is not only to sell books. The main purpose of a book fair is to create the habit of reading books among the people. Generally, it becomes a crowd in the evening. All classes’ people come here to see and buy a book. Students, teachers, children come here regularly. Writers also come here to see their book’s demands. Seminar and cultural programs are also held in a book fair. It expresses our culture and reminds us that book is our best friend. It can change our outlook and it can improve our knowledge. A book fair is very important in our life.


There are two paragraph here 1= A book fair, 2= A village Fair


A Village fair

A village fair is a festival of the village people. The village people enjoy these days. All classes of people gather here. It is one of the most important events for the village people for every year. Generally, the fair is held on the occasion of Pahela boishak. Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid ul-aha, Durga puja, and many other important days. The village fair is decorated by village people or the village committee. Basically The village committee organized the fair. A village fair is up an open field, under a big tree or by the riverside. Village people make different kinds of stalls. They are sweet stall, toy stall, gallery shop, and many other stalls. Children gather beside the sweet stall and toy stall. A village fair arranges Nagor Dolla, Jatra, Magic show, circus party. All people in the village come here. It is an important place or mass communication. Village people boy and girls collect their necessary goods. A village fair brings happiness among the villagers. But it has some bad sides. Some evil person make crime in the fair. The village don’t like it. The committee always try to remove the crime. Overall a village fair is very important for the villagers.

Important note:
The two-paragraph are the most important for every student in our country. This fair is also popular in our country. We enjoy these fairs every year. Especially the village fair is very good. We all love it. All villagers eagerly wait for the fair. It is not only a fair but also it is communication media among the villager. People come to the fair from different villages. The fair normally runs for a weak or more.



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