A Journey By Train Composition

A Journey By Train Composition

A Journey By Train

A Journey by Train: Continuous works and school makes our life dull and boring. Last month we got a long vacation. I and some of my friends made journey. We selected the train journey. Because it is safe and comfortable. It also refresh our life.

Journey is always pleasure to me. When I go on a journey. I become very happy. A journey by train is costly, a journey by bus is risky and uncomfortable. But a train journey is safe and comfortable. So I like train journey most.

It was autumn vacation. We made it from jashore to Rajshahi. collecting our tickets two days before our journey date. We wake up early in the morning and reached the statin about half an hour before. It was very busy time. Rickshaws, motor car and another vehicles were moving very fast. Coolies were moving with goods. There were noise everywhere. After sometime we heard whistle. The train came in a short time. We get in the train. Luckily I got a seat beside the window. All passengers got into the train. They were shouting. We sat our seat. After a few minutes the guard whistled and moved his flag. Our compartment was second class and it was full of passengers.

The train left the station. The train was moving slowly at first. After some time the train ran very fast. In a short time we left town and we were going through green field. I saw outside and found the beauty of nature. There were jute and sugarcane plants. It was amazing. They were tossing their heads. We crossed a bridge on the way. Every passengers were enjoying the scene.

The compartment was enough comfortable. Some passengers were talking, some were reading newspaper and some were sleeping. Hawkers were trying to sell their products. It was a mail train. So it touched only at the big stations. All the stations were same, passengers were getting down and getting into the train. Hawkers and coolies were shouting. All of them were very busy. All the scene was charming. We bought some light food. One of my friends bought some dolls for her little sister. At last the train reached Rajshahi station at 10 PM. Then we got down.

The journey was very interesting. It gave us much pleasure. It was one of the most memorable day in my life.



Important note:

Stay home to be safe yourself and your family from corona virus. Pray to Allah ,only he can save us from this dangerous time. Try to be strong mentally. Hope very soon we will recover the time. Be aware and make awareness among people near your side.


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